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school of rock
2005-03-29 @ 10:11 a.m.

listening to "Life on Mars" from The Aquatic Life with Steve Zissou soundtrack in the car on the way to school

mina: This isn't even ROCK AND ROLL..
lap: WHAT? It totally IS!
eep: It's at least rock..would Max like this?
lap: umm. It's David Bowie. Maybe. I think so. But when Max says he likes "rock" he means like Motley Crue..(Max is 5 and in reality likes most music that isn't jazz or Radio Disney pop)
lap:(skipping forward) now HERE's something cool to listen to. This is Devo. Nobody ever sounded like this before they did. ("Gut Reaction")
eep: and there's no words?
lap: oh there's words- it's just a long intro. (both of us listen, sing along to chorus) Now listen to THAT. That's cool guitar. It sounds like a train wreck.
eep:(looking like she's in pain) but what's that other sound? That eee eeee?
lap: THAT'S the feedback from the guitar! Isn't it cool how it sounds like twisting metal?
eep:(not fully convinced) Uh huh.
lap: Okay (skipping forward again) here's something you're sure to like. This is REAL punk rock. ("Search and Destroy" starts- eep immediately starts groovin)
lap: So you like this better than the Devo..?
eep: It's good. Not as good as KISS...
lap: WHAT? It's waaaay better than KISS!
eep: Nu-uh.
lap: It is SO. That's not even a matter of opinion, it's a known fact that the Stooges are better than KISS.
mina:(looking up from InStyle magazine) KISS sucks
lap: Well, you shouldn't say that, but they sure do compared to Iggy Pop.
lap: That's just crazy talk. The thing you don't understand is KISS is a joke. Next thing you'll say that KISS is better than the Ramones..
eep: They are!
lap: No. They are not. The Ramones are the best rock band EVER.
eep: Fine. The Ramones are better than KISS. Are you happy?
lap: I won't be happy until you believe it. In your heart.

Apparently I can't shut up...
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