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2005-05-16 @ 10:09 a.m.

So the girls got invited to a slumber party on Saturday night, so I went out.

To the burlesque show. Of course.

Remember back in April when I saw my old friend, Mr. New? (see the entry called Two Eyes)Well a few days after, since I had declined his invitation that would have taken me away from the party I was at, I called him to make sure he didn't forget he'd seen me. And we had a lovely conversation about among other things The Who, and it pretty much drove home the endless conversation we could have hanging out together. It was also established that New was going to "have a lot going on" through and into May. Which was noted by me. Since circumstances have made me the girl least likely to be demanding of your time, I was sort of pleased with that. So New was merely noted for consideration, and shelved because what else can I do? Not really nothin'.

But here I was with a night off, and it's well into May, and so I made a call. New watched me put his phone number into my cell the night we last saw each other, and then made sure I knew he had mine by calling and leaving me a funny voice mail less than an hour after we parted company.

He answered right away knowing it was me (did his phone show "Laura"?) and when I suggested he go to the burlesque show, it turned out he was just up the block filming another gig. So he would stop by if he were on the list..


So because I sort of work during the show, running around picking up the tossed off costumes and the like, I wasn't even there when New stopped by.

And when I realized I missed him I was sad because he didn't come back before the show ended.

Now, I knew I could pop up to where HE was, but I really didn't want to. It didn't matter that he already accepted my invitation, I really wanted him to be persistent. As I was talking about what to do in the aftershow bedlam, I realized New was right behind me, talking to another friend of the cast.

So yay.

I have to be a rescuing angel of car batteries right now. I'll continue.

Apparently I can't shut up...
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