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2005-07-18 @ 11:33 a.m.

So my life is in this holding pattern..

Why? (you may ask. yes you may- permission granted, go ahead)

Because I can't watch the last 2 discs of Season 7 of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. (Storyteller through End of Days)

They are still checked out at the video store.

So I've been just waiting, and finally decided to cheat and start watching another series on DVD. Freaks and Geeks.

Freaks and Geeks lasted a big one season, so I figured I would just blast right through that puppy..except that the last two discs are checked out still of that series also.


But- during the episode "Potential" in season 7, I fell in love with a charming geeky potential slayer named Amanda on Buffy. I love the whole potential slayer brigade going on in the slayer sorority house. Or I DID, where I was AT, two weeks ago.

But more importantly- this adorable girl is also in Freaks and Geeks as "Milly". And also, in Freaks and Geeks I met my new boyfriend Seth Rogan. (sorry no links, but there is not a single picture of him really on the internet. Apparently I am the only viewer as taken with Ken over James Franco..understandable, but still!)

And so I also finally watched Donnie Darko. I fell asleep watching it on two separate occasions, and was told by alternate sources that it was "lousy" and "sweet". Having completed my viewing awake, I guess I lean more to the sweet description, but feel a little "eh" about it. There are tons of things to quote from it left and right though, mainly the things written on the wipe-off board on the Darko's fridge. ("Where is Donnie?" and "Frank was here, went to get beer")

But that's beside my point which is Seth Rogan has this little part in it.

That's right, all my entertainment is somehow linked together, and is stunningly incomplete in its completion!

And none of this means a thing.

So I leave you with a picture. (where you can see my shirt. The same shirt I am wearing in the top picture on the last entry..where I am NOT nude and/or in the bathtub. I don't even HAVE a bathtub at this apartment, so there.)
(But I am kind of sweaty in the picture, so I would have looked cooler in the tub. If I had one.)


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