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bippity, boppity, boo
2005-09-20 @ 11:24 p.m.

Well first of all, you should all know that even if you were very skilled at making up things to counterhex superstitions as a child, apparently that skill wears off as soon as you become a parent yourself because when I spoke of my fear of Wisconsin State Troopers in an e-mail, I realized that my words might be unwise and I quickly wrote after that sentence (no jinx, no jinx, no jinx).

This doesn't work. I advise in similar situations to erase jinxing sentences instead. Anything deleted before an e-mail is sent is considered unspoken, and will not be a jinx.

Imagine my mortification upon hearing that weetabix and mopie were detained by the speed of their driving.

To be fair, weetabix did not have her cleavage on display and could have prevented the entire thing. I'm still not sure how Paul Simon played into the whole thing, but that was my fault too.

I was called out as a car jinx, and as bad luck in general my friends, and as I spoke up to defend myself it came to me that my page's title is in fact "bad luck on tap" and I decided that I should simply shut up. "Keg's dry" quoth weetzie. I crossed my fingers.

But that was not really necessary since the perfection of K-lo and akkelly were driving the afternoon. It was bliss long before we got to the marina.

Yacht is not an overstatement. The nibbles that were brought were salty, sweet, savory perfection (Byerly's has olives with orange rind stuffed in them. SO GOOD) and I only had minor catastrophes like my beer ejaculating all over my hand, and spilling my plate of olives once. -Okay my plate spilled TWICE, but the second time it was empty and merely blew into the lake and only Kathy saw it to laugh.


But I must have discovered some inner grace soon after, since I successfully sat between two ladies in white without spilling or sloshing a drop of wine on them.

Mo drove the boat! It was really a secret robot boat, but she appeared to drive it, and she was probably the coolest accessory that boat will ever sport, I will add.

I'm not even just saying that because Mopie knew about Betsy and Tacy..BUT SHE DID! So few people in Minnesota even know about Betsy-Tacy books, and here is this cool girl from CA imported to the midwest piping up "I love Betsy and Tacy!"

"You DO?! This is the lake where Betsy and Joe went to for their honeymoon...."

It was a rare special moment in my silly childrens' book-filled heart, ladies and gentlemen.

After the boat ride, we all went to primp and change for the fabulous social dinner arranged for us by the incomparable Weetabix. If you have the chance to attend an event planned by Weetabix, jump to it! She has luck and intuition up her sleeve, let me tell you- because not only were our reservations and tapas at Solera delicious and affordable, but the extra cool additions to the table were beyond compare too.

Not only did I get to be a social adult, but I have new things to read now too!

Then it was karaoke. I was up for it, and it was very close to my house too, but alas the karaoke bible at the establishment we went to did not bless me. I was totally going to sing, and was laughing over the book with Weetabix, who kept pointing out that certain songs were deceptive in their willingness to be sung competently. Having recently discovered the song I cannot kill by karaoke ("Mystery Achievement" or anything from the Pretenders first album) I was being cautious and the lack of Pretenders songs caused great disappointment. The fact that became rapidly clear to me was that I was amongst some of the more talented singers of karaoke this world has ever known, I wanted to save face. Trash, the sublime better half of M.Giant sang a daunting version of "Son of a Preacher Man" and weetabix blew me away with the very tricky "Carnival" (I mean, who can sing Natalie Merchant at karaoke? Only royalty) When another of our companions nailed "You're So Vain" to the wall like a trophy head I gave up. I begged goodnight with the old "mommy" cop out,(I did have a huge Sunday which I'll recap tomorrow) which unfortunately made me miss Mo's song, but did get to hear her in a private reading of graffiti.

Gallagher has a cock. I SEEN it.

There is nothing quite like the experience to be had at a dive bar where the name is Italian and the music is mostly country.

On that note, I end my Saturday of adventure. I hurried home in my coach- it turned into a pumpkin, and I was back to mommylap by morning.

Apparently I can't shut up...
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