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boring and not rich or lucky
2005-10-20 @ 9:01 p.m.

Yeah I suck.

I just have been working, and it's hard for inspiration to strike when your main job is billing.

You think a lot about money, and what extras you can charge on an invoice.

I didn't win the lottery (although I bought a few tickets and that's the first time ever for me) and I still haven't seen Serenity.

My kids are about to go on a week long vacation without me. To Florida.

I'll work all next week, but not having to bust ass on a schedule that requires picking up kids from daycare by 5:30 is really vacation enough.

And I'll try to get inspired. Really.

Update: After carefully watching all week, (and my dad getting to their place on Tuesday) it turns out that Wilma is going RIGHT OVER the lake where my parent's place is, and they had to evacuate and go to Orlando. I found this out via e-mail, less than 30 minutes after missing a step coming downstairs from the neighbors to get ready to go out and doing something terribly painful to my ankle. I don't think that it's sprained because I didn't twist it, and I can still stand. So let's just hear it for how unlucky I can be! But fuck it, I trust my parents, and I just took a handful of Ibprofen and two aspirin just to be safe, and I'm just going to go out and drink and end up telling everyone within earshot that I tripped and peed my pants a little. Because I just can't possibly keep a gem that delicious a secret. Gah.

Apparently I can't shut up...
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