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but I wouldn't trade it for a big pot of gold, I love it because -it's TRASH
2006-05-04 @ 1:57 p.m.

I start my new job Tuesday, because Donna, my overseer(sorta) works T-Sa. So that'll work best. I could start later too, but yeah WHY?

But because my landlord completely forgot our completely humiliating discussion from Monday (where we discussed the lease renewal/continuing to rent) and didn't give me the letter I would need to apply for emergency assistance to get my rent paid, I will probably have to do that Monday, which is feh.

This is a discussion I had to have after being told they would be coming into my apartment to "check the windows" etc, which being that they had been considering not renewing the lease of my upstairs neighbor just screams "secret suprise apartment inspection" to me. Which legally I could have said "no" to, since I should have 24 hrs notice about that kind of crap, but I felt I'm not in a situation to get technical and snippy and instead should just clean up the rubble amongst which I live.

I threw away 4 bags of garbage, which was mostly packaging and paper that got set on top of surfaces instead of thrown out. The only solution is no more surfaces, only drawers. Or something. I should live in an empty house with a place to sit and several large galvanized trash cans.

If only I were kidding.

There's also the outstanding heating bill for the entire winter that we've been trying to get changed into our name. A "shared meter" can't be I guess. Thanks for taking 11 months to figure that one out landlord.

In spite of the recent upswing of events, I sort of feel like the past entire year of my life was nothing but a very misleading mistake. Meaning I shouldn't have moved into this rental, shouldn't have thought that splitting a heating bill with Amy upstairs was ever going to work, shouldn't have worked at Benchmark, and shouldn't have let the houseguest stay either.

But I'm maybe being negative.

Apparently I can't shut up...
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