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2006-05-22 @ 11:46 a.m.


As you may have heard from coffeegrind or akkelly, I had a girls’ night out for to celebrate, and it was lovely.

I finally got to go to Pop! A lovely little restaurant on 29th and Johnson and it was really nice. The best thing about it, really, is that it’s super super kid-friendly, and although I was blessed sans-kids last night, I more often am not sans-kids, and I would like to go there sometime with the child that I had that is not the pickiest eater in the world and hang out.

I had the best desserts I have ever had, in fact the one was so magical it reminded me of my first taste of tiramisu. You figure with a name like ‘Dulce de Leche’ it should be really really good, and it surpassed all other desserts maybe. There were candied hazelnuts on top that elevated it immensely.

So I was planning an update to dish about my lovely time spent with girlfriends that are actually, you know, grown up instead of the same lovely degenerates that are merely the same age as I am that I’ve known for years. (no Moll, you don’t fit into the degenerate category, although I am amazed that you are such a grown up, just because.) Not to mention but one of these grown ups ("I like Roy Clark!") made me laugh until I was crying, and you know you just can NEVER have enough friends like that. So back to my irresponsibility in updating, I had intent intentions, and I waited to update from home, like a responsible person, but found I could not, because my internet was turned off. Due to the attentions of my dear friend and neighbor who fits more into the other category..


I actually got a ton of stuff done, without the assistance of anyone, including moving out this really heavy oak desk that I'd currently been using for the computer etc.. I just shoved that baby out my door and sort of rolled it across the lawn as if it weren’t rectangle. It worked too! I moved the day bed out of the living room and put it where that desk was, since the other cooler desk in the library (really a dining room) is currently just a big surface covered with stuff. (I believed I’ve covered the stuff on every available surface) So the computer will get set up on a different desk instead.

It probably should be noted that although I've removed one desk I still have 3 full size desks and one kid's desk in my house. (to be precise, one is technically on the porch, not in the house..)

This number is possibly excessive.

The fact that two of them are yellow is just sort of amusing. I got one as part of a girl’s bedroom set that I really only wanted because of the armoire, and instead convinced myself that “it’s a set!” “how often do you find a set?” But it doesn’t change the fact that I’m very meh about the desk portion of the set, and predict a long stay in the basement for that extra desk. It has nice carving on the drawers, as does the dresser. Maybe it’s mean to think of splitting them up.

The small desk was purchased recently for $5 at a garage sale and is cool enough to defy a need to rationalize purchasing it.

I think the amount of desks I’ve accumulated completely reflects my eagerness to learn.

Just not from, y’know, my mistakes.

Apparently I can't shut up...
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