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they call them spoilers, and they will reveal things that won't be a suprise any more
2006-05-28 @ 9:38 p.m.

I was really excited for the new X-men movie.

Really really excited. So very much so that I started reading reviews.

I don't know why, because I was fairly certain that I wouldn't wait to see it no matter what any of them said.

Honestly it was hot enough Saturday that I would've gone to see any movie for air conditioning anyway.

First of all, I didn't get my money shot. My favorite image in all of comicdom, that I've been dreaming of easily for years. You can see the cover I mean thanks to themark, who I also knew would understand completely what I meant when I referred to "the money shot".


I knew I wasn't getting it before I set into the theater though. And still, I went.

I have to say that I really liked the movie, I did. The main reason being that they got Beast right, and I am almost more of a fan of Beast than ever Wolverine if you could imagine- being that Wolverine is pretty much is Bruce Springsteen were a super hero.

Also I finally really recognized Storm as being the character from the comic book. A leader, who will always be able to come in and kick ass when the rest of the team wears down.

Liked Kitty Pride. Liked Angel, didn't care at all that tons of new mutants were there and we didn't get to know them cause I just really- didn't.

I liked the uber gothic end, where the ultimate sacrifice was made for love (l-u-v) and honestly- I didn't mind all that much that so many characters died.

I wanted Rogue to show up in the final battle and still be a mutant, but whatever.

I wanted more, really a lot more- I wanted subtext and stuff, but I still liked it.

I am enough of a fan girl that the first thing I thought of seeing Jean and Cyclops graves there at the school was "isn't that they very spot they got married on in the comic? Huh.."

What they got right was more important to me than what got left out, and so I liked it.

Apparently I can't shut up...
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