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a stone's throw away, but it's not nice to throw stones.
2006-11-27 @ 4:33 p.m.

How odd is it that I am disappointed that I was only able to paint 4 rooms in a week, pretty much all by myself?

I moved most of my big things yesterday with the help of my parents and sister Mollie Jo, and it's crazy how much you can move in 2.5 hours when you are moving less than a mile away and aren't doing it alone. Of course this much fast loading and unloading makes you exhausted that much faster as well.

How close?

This close

My last move I did almost entirely by myself, because I couldn't subject anyone other than the houseguest to the mess, or to the 3 flights of stairs.

So it was remarkable to have help, and my mother is like a packing machine. Really-she's been so much help that I might actually remember that I have too much stuff and I shouldn't buy any more because I might remember that dear family members helped me move it all and that kind of evil should never be done to them if at all possible.

I know that I have more stuff than my sister Mollie did when she moved into her house. That adds weight to the notion that I no longer be allowed to go to estate sales for sure.

So I am in the editing and reduction phaze, and packing things into the pretty rooms I have painted. Hopefully I will find my camera at some point and take some pictures of the pretty packed rooms (say that pretty pack-ed for me, wouldja?) and delight you all. I am still in the middle of moving, and in the middle of being tired too, but I am not going to exhaust myself into sickness, because I can tell.

Go me!

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