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candy bars and full house
2007-03-16 @ 10:20 a.m.

In a taste test done just this morning I have suprised myself by deciding that Milky Way kicks 3 Muskateers ass in the world of tiny squares of chocolate doled out in bags from your building management staff. Also, that even though I resent that Snickers Almond is being made instead of the always delightful Mars bar, it tastes just the same, and ergo- I will eat it.

Let me end this post simply by noting I will totally marry John Stamos if that will make my children happy. It actually has more to do with him buying the vintage Disneyland sign (which he hopefully didn't lose in his divorce with Rebecca) than him only getting better with age. I saw him on Rachel Ray's talk show and there's never been anyone cuter personality-wise. He also knows the Beach Boys.

Because I would also totally marry Bob Saget, although my children think that Bob Saget has aged really really poorly, I like him in his sort of thickened, grizzled old man persona and they can't argue with Danny Tanner.

note: Wikipedia says that John Stamos is best friends with Matt Stone. Where does this fascinating information come from and can it be verified?

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