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triumphant return
2007-09-07 @ 11:23 p.m.

So now that I have a computer at home again, I have comcast as my home page, and I have to say, the comcast news bewitches and confounds me like yahoo news never did. Yahoo news would be interesting oftentimes, but it never had a headline like the one I just saw Mom Drove Son to Gang Fight. And the whole thing that happens when I see that, especially at 11:25 pm after playing Super Mah Jong solitare for an hour is my brain thinks "what act could a mother do that would drive her son to act out by gang fighting?" blink-blink "or do they mean drive like a carpool?" I can't even actually click on the headline to find out, because that would just ruin it. I am too delighted with the riddle wrapped in a question, shrouded in enigma.

In other news I haven't been cured of my need to acquire new chairs. I recently found some excellent Hollywood Regency styled wood chairs with caning on the sides, that are upholstered in citron lemon velvet with just enough green that I call it citron rather than lemon. The best thing is in an effort to describe them better, I searched for something similar on ebay and found an almost identical pair of chairs with the buy it now price of $398. I paid $10 for the pair. I bought them to have at the head of my dining room table. Only my dining room table is my Nana's old table, which is a genius table with a fold-out leaf, and then two insertable leaves, so it can literally be as small as a hall console table, a square 4 seater, or a lovely rectangle that seats 8. Since my parents just sold their house in Rogers, other long-coveted pieces of heirloom furniture have also become mine, most notably my great-aunt Ruth's lovely Chippendale-style secretary. It is more American traditional than Queen Anne style, and if I had the energy to pull the drawer with the label out I could google the manufacturer and know even more about it. Which I would share with you, whether you cared or not. So now, my dining room has more of a study vibe going on, since I have the table in its most compact console table form, with one of the citron chairs on either side. If I actually clear all the boxes that are also in that room, and find a place to store the extra dining room chairs, I would potentially have the most functional dining room ever, since it could go from study to dining room seating 8 in mere minutes. But I am lazy about the boxes, and I want to touch up the paint and move my amazing wall of family pictures in with all the family heirlooms.

My living room is reflecting my new-found love for mid-century modern, which goes with the arts and crafts molding and built-ins of this 1914 built duplex quite well. The Mina was delighted to spot my exact orange chair (pictured in the last entry that's been up for months) when we were watching the original Hairspray on cable. It had a doily on the back, but it was my exact chair. We all beamed with pride.

I've renewed my obsession with all things Judd Apatow again too, what with Knocked Up and Superbad showcasing my darling Seth Rogan everywhere, and wishing that Jonah Hill lived next door so he could come over to hang out in my kitchen when he needed a break from playing video games or looking at porn online. The Freaks and Geeks alum I want to make be my Ashton Kutcher is Martin Starr, who played Bill Haverchuck. Please don't ask me to explain, but it's the truth.

School starting this week has just worn me out, along with my job having UBER receptionist duties this week. Nobody thinks of me as the receptionist per se- and I like to throw out the term "front desk management" to make it seem like I should still earn the salary I started to receive as Project Coordinator, but I realized that it's all just Laura pay, and they would probably pay me the if I am doing projects that make me feel valid, or doing the worked of a skilled chimpanzee with common sense. Honestly though, the front desk stuff wears me out because it's like hosting a fucking party every day, only not getting to ever mingle and relax- just letting people in and making sure they get their cocktails. At the same time, my work is more essential to the CEO and COO this way which is both nice and terrifying. So I am tired, and my eyes are burning from the Super Mah Jong. Or allergies- but honestly since I completely stopped taking sudafed at the end of March, my allergies and sinus have been almost non-existent. Even through August which is crazy.

I will say goodnight now, having satisfied my personal goal of posting my first diary entry since April.

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