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Christmas Gratitude
2007-12-26 @ 12:12 p.m.

Well, Christmas this year has left me feeling mighty blessed. Since every other day here there's been snow dropped upon us in Minneapolis, I've spent several days homebound lazing about, and I am grateful to have a home, that is big enough to hold all three of us,even when it's still not put in order yet.

The day before Christmas Eve I mentioned that the Daddyman was due to come over for a present exchange the next day, and I realized that when he suggested my house, I immediately rolled over, in spite of the fact that I don't really want him to know where I live. I didn't even ask him for moving help because I don't want him to see our surroundings and try to wedge in. So I called and asked him to go elsewhere for his time with the girls, suggesting Old Country Buffet- and was met with "that wasn't the plan, I can't afford it, what's your glitch?" and I just said I didn't really want him as my guest and didn't think there was anything that strange about it. He said he'd talk to me the next day and hung up (on the phone he still only has because of me and cingular family talk. And the next morning as I wrapped presents I got a call that he and his girlfriend were picking the girls up to,in fact, go to OCB. I was so delighted that I didn't have to participate, that I even had the presence of mind to send a present along for the girls to give Scott's girlfriend. Asking for that,and getting it was astonishing and delightful past anything I could imagine. It was like I got serenity for Christmas.

This was the first year that anyone took my kids shopping to pick out presents for me and when I opened them, seeing their minds at work was so great. It was a Steven King bonanza- getting the dvd of 1408 (granted, the snowbound day before we watched it on pay per view and found it to be pschedelic and excellently creepy) and the Lisey's Story paperback, which in all fairness I spent yesterday devouring.

It's gorgeous outside, even though I've had to shovel. Life is good.

EEP got a little video camera for Christmas, and the previous entry is some of her bossy direction featuring her sister. It's adorable, and you should watch it, since it's also mercifully brief.

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