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green is the color of my true sofa's eyes.....
2008-03-17 @ 7:48 a.m.

So some of you might know I have a little thrifting problem, but the nice thing about looking for sweet vintage furniture is that it has an excellent resale value. So everytime I find a new vintage sofa I want, I can turn around and unload my discards on Craigslist making people with less time and creativity very happy themselves. The best part is that that way the addiction funds itself quite nicely.

new sectional sofa

Hereís my living room as of this morning, with the fabulous green velvet sectional I acquired yesterday. The green corner table came with it- and styling the sofa around the corner is a big step for me, since I perpetually sleep on my couch, but I figure it will be good for me to take a step away from such an adolescent habit.

Lee Burr

Hereís the midcentury print I got last week that pushed me toward the new green sofa (although itís not the first green sofa I have owned)..I love mid-century prints that are textured to look like paintings. Theyíre often referred to by the company that manufactured them as "wall accessories". I sort of hate having glass over my art, which is a silly glitch. This one is Lee Burr.

Northwest corner of livingroom 3/16

The whopping blue and green print is "New York Water Front" by Maio, the artist famous for the big eyes harlequins and ballerinas. This is much cooler, and Iíve never found any information about it anywhere- because so many of these mid-century painters that were mass-produced have no info available really. I guess Iíll have to wait until Jonathan Adler becomes obsessed with them and propels them into high profile like he did with Curtis Jere sculptures. As you can see, I have plenty of cool midcentury art that hasnít even made it on the wall- and that bullfighter is one of 3 prints I have. (One is on velvet too!) I had to have the matadors, but I am not sure where if cohabitation will actually take place. It might be a love for another time...

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