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meat free yummy
2008-06-09 @ 7:04 p.m.

I sometimes make meat free dishes, mostly because I've loved lentils since I first tried them when I was 18. More recently I've discovered quinoa and I just love it- so I made some last night, thinking I could just make it into some nice lunches and side dishes this week. I also had about a cup of red lentils too, so I cooked them up separately, thinking that I might use them in a quinoa salad. When the red lentils finished cooking, I tasted the finished product (I had cooked them so they didn't turn into stew, but were whole) since I usually buy the cheap green lentils for my recipes, and thought they tasted really rich- a lot like egg yolk, so I mixed up a little quinoa salad dish tonight for dinner of cold quinoa, red lentils, quartered cherry tomatoes, and a shake of Montreal Steak seasoning. It was delicious, and I will definitely make it again with fresh basil. MMMM quinoa- I can't wait to try it for breakfast like oatmeal- warm with fruit and a yogurt or creme fraiche..

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