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Basil bliss
2008-06-15 @ 12:17 p.m.

So I'm cleaning my house again, because I am getting a sweet new dining set AND my parents and aunt are coming over tomorrow when I'm at work to hang out with the girls.

And since I decided that I would really wash the floors since I am an avid user normally of my Swifter wetmop (and still totally love it, I just know that it's not a thoroughly clean solution) I went ahead and bought a bottle of this because I love the way all Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day products smell. The floral especially are just clean and happy smelling, not perfumed up. I usually indulge in Mrs. Meyer's products via the seasonal trial kits they come out with, because they have special limited scents, and the Spring Cleaning Kit I couldn't resist was Honeysuckle. It had glass cleaner, all-purpose cleaner,dish soap and counter spray and I fell in love with the products, and the smaller amounts were great because I am totally cheap. I also bought the seasonal kit after Christmas this year because it was Gingerbread. It had room freshner spray instead of window cleaner, but room freshner spray in Gingerbread is amazing. You know how realtors bake before an open house as an extra lure? It's like that.

But of all the smells, the best is the all-purpose cleaner when you use it to clean the floor. It makes even being on your hands and knees with a brush (not that I am anyone that is messy enough in my kitchen to require the floor be scrubbed like that, no- certainly not!) a pleasure. The first time I used the Honeysuckle All-Purpose cleaner for that it was like I'd been gardening instead, only I also had sore knees and a clean kitchen floor.

So the Basil is a new scent and I knew when I sniffed it that this was the one that was worthy of buying the normal big bottle- and it's incredible. The essential oils used are basil, parsley, black pepper & eucalyptus. It's the greatest smell ever. I am sitting here, and even though the mop I used sucked and the floor is still dirty because I am an idiot that would use a string mop when I didn't have a wringer, and I still have to go and get a sponge mop instead and re-wash the floor..I almost don't care because holy shit it smells amazing in here. So amazing that I can just take this moment and believe that I can be the single mother version of Laura Petrie even though that idea is totally ridiculous because Rob Petrie is the perfect husband and would never ever leave her no matter how many times he tripped over that ottoman.

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