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still not 100 things, but more than 10
2004-09-12 @ 1:33 p.m.

I did 1-10 already back here.

11) I like brown hair and brown eyes best. Since I turned 18, only one of my boyfriends has had brown eyes, however. They’ve all been blue or blue-green.

12.) I like short hair on men the best. All my long term relationships have had long hair for at least several months at a time, and I never complained.

13.) I don’t like guitar solos.

14.) I do like a guitar hook.

15.) I used to write notes that were mini-screenplays with my friend legalbeagle to entertain each other. The subject was usually the interaction that had occurred the evening before with our many famous paramours. The leading men could be any musician or actor we fancied for whatever reason. These scripts were always hilarious and the curtain fell to the words “major lust”. The best thing is all these pretend adult lovers never wanted to do more than make out, and liked us for our completely dorky selves because we never portrayed ourselves as anything different.

16.) I lost my virginity at age 14, right before starting high school and didn’t have sex again until the night of my senior prom.

17.) My confirmation name is Elizabeth. I picked it out in 3rd grade after learning about a Saint Elizabeth who fed the poor, but my friend Randy Larson whenever he heard the name would say “Elizabeth Montgomery IN BETWITCHED” and I still hear that in my head when I think of it.

18) My eldest child was named Elizabeth because Sal dreamed during the first months we dated that we had a baby girl that looked just like me and we named her Ellen Elizabeth. We switched it because it sounded better. We called her EEP in utero because we were worried that if she was a boy it would be strange to have called him Elizabeth for 9 months. If she had been a boy the name would have been Elvis Edward to keep the initials as EEP.

19.) the Mina was going to be named Georgia at first but we changed our minds

20) 18 and 19 are not really about me. (and now, neither is 20)

21.) I am completely unafraid to be onstage to perform in any manner. This doesn’t mean that I am never embarrassed later.

22.) I can sing anything a capella much better than I can sing karaoke. This is why I believe karaoke is evil, but it never stops me from participating.

33.) My one involvement with a younger man was sweet, but mostly seemed ridiculous and silly. My interaction with him at age 30 was similar, so I am willing to bet it had more to do with him than his age.

44.) I once showed an Avengers ID card featuring The She-Hulk as ID at a bar and got served. (I was underage)

45.) This is the farthest I’ve ever gotten on a list like this. I am running out of steam

46) I work Sun- Thursday

47) I used to go for walks by myself and talk to myself out loud and make up songs too especially from age 11-16. I figured out that people pay as little attention to others as others pay to them.

48) I never have considered changing my name (first or last) for any reason, especially marriage.

49) I started having orgasms during penetrative sex at age 21. (I was going to say “regular” sex, but realized that explains little. What I mean is any position with the penis entering the vagina.) Once I started I’ve been able to get off that way since, not depending on the partner. I figured that meant that being orgasmic was more the revelation and personal confidence than the actual action. I bet that’s just another delusion on my part however.

50.) I once told my mother I “had to have sex” when I was 20 years old. I never thought I’d go as long as I have now without a bed partner, and if you had told me I would back then I would have been horrified.

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